Wine tourism

Fachada de la Posada

Posada La Celia operates in the Manor House, dating back from 1931. The Posada along with the Winery and the Vineyards were declared Historical and Cultural Heritage of Argentine Viticulture in 2008. Nowadays, our Posada is a warm and exclusive country house with five highly equipped and beautifully decorated double rooms with private bathrooms that offer our guests a magnificent rest in the unique Uco Valley.

Around 100 km (63 miles) south from the provincial capital Mendoza and surrounded by vineyards, Posada La Celia invites its guests to enjoy the peace and serenity that accompanies the impressive scenery framed with an open sky and the spectacular view of the Andes Mountains. As we love sharing the secrets of the wine world with our visitors, our wine touristic programs offer a distinctive experience from pruning and harvesting to wine tastings, including the winemaking and blending processes. It is an ideal place to visit at any time of the year due to adventure sports and other leisure activities which are available in this serene setting.

Posada La Celia relies on a herb garden which provides the restaurant with organic spices for its tasteful regional cuisine and also possesses a sample vineyard which is used by the visitors for learning practices.

It has 5 double rooms with Private Bathrooms, Breakfast Buffet, Restaurant, Sandwich Menu, Min Bar, Satellite TV, Wi-Fi, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Bicycles, Transfer services from Mendoza city.


Posada La Celia’s restaurant offers a regional and gourmet menu, both of which consist of four courses. Breakfast combines regional and international ingredients and tea time is an exquisite experience. Its attractive specialty is a flame grilled barbecue, a typical country lunch where you can breathe the fresh air among the gardens and the vineyards; always with the good company of the best wines of La Celia.

Elaborate your own blend

“Be a winemaker for a day” is an unforgettable experience each visitor can be part of at La Celia. It offers you the chance to elaborate a blend with the ideal characteristics for each one, following the technical advice of the expert wine maker. For many visitors it will be their first taste of blending making it an unforgettable experience!

Grape harvest at La Celia’s vineyards

Grape Harvest season is a long awaited time and the most important in the grape vine cycle; specialized tour guides are highly trained to make visitors closely follow this especial time of the year. The program, available from March to May, includes scissors, gloves, plastic boxes, an induction on safety regulations, insurance, a visit to the winery and a wine tasting. This full day activity concludes with a lunch at the Posada.

Pruning at La Celia’s vineyards

Pruning is a key stage in the wine making process. Visitors can perfect the art of pruning and have the opportunity to perform it themselves. This half day activity is combined with a lunch at the Posada and is available from July to September. It also includes scissors, gloves, plastic boxes, an induction on safety regulations, insurance, a visit to the winery and wine tasting.

Breakfast and business working day

Posada La Celia provides all the necessary technological resources (For example Wi-Fi, projector, and sound equipment) for business meetings. This enables you to experience the benefit of working in a different environment, with personal attention to supply all visitors’ needs.

Regional cooking class

You can also get involved with a fun activity by taking part in our regional cuisine lessons at “El Chañar”, amidst peaceful vineyards with a wonderful view of the mountains. You will have the chance to learn how to make bread and our local version of empanadas while indulging in the excellent wines produced by our winery.

Wine Shop

Our wine shop has a wide variety of La Celia wines; every tourist and/or visitor can buy wines that are true exponents of the Uco Valley.

Bike ride in the vineyards

Your stay at the Posada La Celia includes bicycles for rides around its warm vineyards and through its wonderful paths. This activity allows tourists to relax while watching the sunset at our reservoir or at our native Argentine wood, “El Chañar”.

Visits and tastings

Posada La Celia counts on a well-organized tour for visitors who want to explore the vineyards and the old winery guided by its renowned wine makers. The tour concludes with a technical tasting of our core wines, which are exponents of the region, accompanied by a selection of cheeses and homemade bread.