Vista de los viñedos

La Celia`s exclusive wines impress consumers of international markets due to their prestigious origin in the Uco Valley.

Our winery is located in the Uco Valley, in the district of Eugenio Bustos, around 100 km (63 miles) south of the provincial capital Mendoza, Argentina. The stunning valley situated at the foot of the Andes is renowned for its distinctive terroir of outstanding vineyards.

A wide range of microclimates, the magnitude of thermal fluctuations, soil and elevation diversity contribute to a unique ecosystem suitable for the growth of high quality Malbec grapes.

Vineyard Management

Our vineyard management system is aimed at obtaining high quality grapes to ensure the production of great wines together with vineyard preservation and environmental sustainability.

We meticulously monitor each vine along its vegetative cycle in the pursuit of maximizing quality and getting it to reach its highest potential.


Beginning in the winter with the filling of profiles and continuing throughout the vine’s vegetative cycle, irrigation is a key factor in vineyard development, given that the level of rainfall in Mendoza is not sufficient for the plant’s needs.

Drip irrigation

Pressurized drip irrigation is used in 70% of the estate area, not only to water, but also to fertilize the vines when necessary. This allows us to make rational use of our water resources and workforce, reaching 90% efficiency.

Traditional irrigation

The traditional gravity irrigation system is used in the remaining 30% of the estate area. Water is delivered to the vines by gravity, conducted along furrows and led to flood sectors of land. Depending on the soil preparation work that has been carried out in the vineyard, this system is operated by specialized workers who control irrigation in rotating day and night shifts.