Vista de la bodega

La Celia represents the unique legacy of Eugenio Bustos; who pioneered the growing of Malbec in the Uco Valley. Today, we have revived this tradition and reinvented it as a one-of-a-kind terroir in the world.

La Celia was born in 1882, the year in which Eugenio Bustos, its founder, decided to move south of the river Tunuyan in order to develop an estate where he planted the first Malbec vine from France.

The construction of the winery started in 1890, and was the first one to settle in the Uco Valley. The winery was named La Celia in honour of Eugenio’s daughter, Celia Bustos. When she inherited the property, she used her strong personality and leadership to convert them into prosperous vineyards of worldwide quality.

In 2000, La Celia was acquired by the Viña San Pedro Tarapacá Wine Group (VSPT Wine Group), a leading company in the wine business both in Chile and Argentina. Thus, the winery has been expanded, renovated and equipped with state of the art technology combining classical architecture with modern machinery.

Our People

As a team, we value and respect the profound tradition of La Celia

For more than 100 years solid team work allowed the company to reach challenging goals which has ranked us amongst wineries of an international quality. Our ideas are the result of an inspiration based on excellence and professional values.

Dedicated commitment with constant innovation and new projects are our basic tenets which guarantee the growing reputation of our wines.

Technical team

The professional and experienced winemakers and vineyard specialists have made it possible to demonstrate a highly creative and strategic expertise reflected in the style of their exquisite wines.

We, at La Celia, believe that the consolidation of both the agricultural and winemaking teams, is the cornerstone for the development of fine wines. The instinct for permanent improvement and learning guides our actions to progress.