Finca La Celia


The Terroir that envelops the spirit of La Celia is born in the Uco Valley, south of the Tunuyan River where in 1882 is planted the first Malbec of the area, originally from France. With the natural charm of its vineyards and fertile lands, La Celia delivers a world-class product.

Finca La Celia

La Celia Terroir

La Celia hits with wines that, due to their origin in the Uco Valley, are unique in international markets.

Our vineyard is located in the Uco Valley, Eugenio Busto’s districts, San Carlos department. Away from Mendoza (100 km to the south), it has a terroir of excellent vineyards and a natural paradise next to the Andes Mountain Range.

The diversity of microclimates, the large thermal amplitudes, different soils and heights provide a unique ecosystem for the highest quality Malbec.

Vineyard Management

Our vineyard management system is aimed at obtaining high quality grapes to ensure the production of great wines together with vineyard preservation and environmental sustainability.

We meticulously monitor each vine along its vegetative cycle in the pursuit of maximizing quality and getting it to reach its highest potential.

Drip Irrigation

Pressurized drip irrigation is used in 70% of the estate area, not only to water, but also to fertilize the vines when necessary. This allows us to make rational use of our water resources and workforce, reaching 90% efficiency.

Traiditional Irrigation

The traditional gravity irrigation system is used in the remaining 30% of the estate area. Water is delivered to the vines by gravity, conducted along furrows and led to flood sectors of land. Depending on the soil preparation work that has been carried out in the vineyard, this system is operated by specialized workers who control irrigation in rotating day and night shifts.


Paraje de Altamira

Altitude: 1,100 m.s.n.m.
Soil: located in the center of the alluvial cone of the Tunuyán River. Calcareous sandy silt soils, with large stones covered with calcium carbonate at different depths, which gives us heterogeneity.

La Consulta

Altitude: 1,050 m.s.n.m.
Soil: located in the Northeast of the alluvial cone of the Tunuyán River. Calcareous and semi-deep sand silt soils, with stones of various sizes at 120 cm depth.

Eugenio Bustos

Altitude: 1,000 m.s.n.m.
Soil: located in the southeast zone of the alluvial cone of the Tunuyán River. Calcareous sand silt soils, with stones at 160 cm depth.